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The Perfect Chill: A Guide to Selecting the Right Ice Machine for Your Business

When it comes to keeping cool in Memphis, TN, nothing beats a refreshing tall glass of ice water. However, this isn’t always possible for everyone in the workplace, especially if you’re relying on those simple ice cube trays or bagged ice. Running out of ice shouldn’t be a thing, no matter the size of your office. And thankfully, with Artesian Bottleless Water, it doesn’t have to be. But how can you choose the right ice machine for your business when it involves such an intricate dance between understanding your business’s needs, managing costs, and ensuring smooth proper hydration for your employees?

Whether you operate a small or large business or a warehouse, our expertise in frozen solutions will help you make an informed decision that’s as refreshing as the ice we serve.

Understanding Your Ice Must-Haves

Before you can even begin to sift through the various models and specifications, it’s essential to have a clear picture of the type and volume of ice your business requires. Here are a few key points:

Type Matters: Cubes, Nuggets, or Flakes?

Different types of ice lend themselves to different applications. Cubed ice is the most versatile, but nugget or flake ice can be vital for specialty drinks or healthcare settings. Knowing which type you need helps you narrow down your choices.

Estimating Your Needs

Ice needs can vary drastically. Factors like employee count and hours of operation should all have an influence on the ice machine you choose for your business. Some of our units produce just a couple of pounds per day, while the larger units produce up to 280 pounds of ice per day. It’s all about what your Memphis business needs.

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Space and Installation Considerations

The perfect ice machine isn’t just about ice; it’s a harmonious unit with your space and business flow. You don’t want a unit that takes up too much space, but you do want one that can keep up with demands. So, let’s discuss some of the space and installation considerations:

Assessing Available Space

Measure twice, rent once. We provide the dimensions of all our units online, so you never have to guess. However, it’s crucial that you provide the ice machine with plenty of space on all sides for maintenance and use. So, compare the dimensions of our units with the space you have before you decide on a unit.

Think About Ventilation and Drainage

Your ice machine will produce heat and water. Ensuring it has proper ventilation and a clear path to drainage is essential to its performance and to keeping your office or warehouse safe and dry. For a medical facility or hospitality establishment, a designated room or closet is usually a good option for proper ventilation and drainage.

Maintenance and Servicing

Ice machines are workhorses, but even workhorses need care. If you purchase your ice machine, you’re on the hook for repairs. But if you rent one from Artesian, we take care of this for you.

Routine cleaning and maintenance are non-negotiable. Neglecting this can lead to poor ice quality, machine malfunctions, and potential health code violations. Thankfully, we keep track of maintenance service dates for you, giving you a heads-up of when our technician will be there to service your ice unit. Otherwise, you never have to worry about remembering to do this yourself.

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Find the Right Ice Machine for Your Business

Making the right selection for your ice machine is a crucial step in the success of your business in Memphis, TN. With this guide and mindful deliberation, you can ensure that the ice machine you choose delivers not only frozen goods but also long-lasting value and reliability. Don’t waste another second considering purchasing your ice machine. Instead, keep your cool and go with a rental from Artesian Bottleless Water. We also have great bottleless water or Reverse Osmosis units, perfect for all your commercial drinking water needs.

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