5 Eco-Friendly Water Goals Your Company Can Make in 2024

As we look towards 2024, it’s crucial for companies to commit to environmental sustainability, particularly in the realm of water conservation. As one of our most precious resources, water is integral not only to our survival but also to the health of the planet. For businesses of all sizes and industries, there are actionable, eco-friendly water goals that can be implemented.

Here at Artesian Bottleless Water, we’ve made it our mission to fight plastic pollution and help raise awareness of the damage plastic does to our environment. Therefore, we’re also committed to seeing your company succeed when it comes to these five eco-friendly water goals.

5 Eco-Friendly Water Goals for Your Company

Reduce Water Usage

One of the most fundamental ways to become eco-friendly is to reduce water usage. A great way to start is to invest in water-efficient technologies such as low-flow faucets, shower heads, and toilets. Creating awareness amongst your employees about the importance of saving water will also contribute to reducing water usage within your facility.


Recycle Water

Recycling water is an excellent way to reduce your company’s dependence on freshwater sources. Harvested rainwater can be used to water plants, and gray water from showers and handwashing sinks can be used in toilets. It’s worth investing in water recycling systems, which will allow your company to recycle its wastewater more efficiently.

Monitor Water Usage

Creating a detailed water usage report will enable your company to identify water management discrepancies and monitor water usage. Your company can consider investing in sensors and meters to track water usage by individual departments, which will give a better understanding of how your company uses water and the ongoing opportunities for improvement.

Promote Sustainable Landscaping

Sustainable landscaping is an excellent way to reduce water usage and promote eco-friendliness. You can promote native plant species and create landscaping plans that are water-efficient. As a business, you can also partner with local conservation groups to promote eco-friendly landscaping to the community.

Partner with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs

Collaboration with CSR Programs initiated by local government or regional NRDC (Natural Resource Defense Council) will help reduce your company’s water footprint. Support initiatives that focus on promoting water efficiency, reuse, and recycling in communities and municipalities where your company operates.

Why Water Conservation Matters

Water is the driving force of all nature. It is a finite resource that recycles over time through the process of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation, known as the water cycle. However, the availability of freshwater – the kind we need for drinking, cooking, and most industrial uses, is limited. This makes water conservation a critical aspect to discuss.

In an era of rapid industrialization and urbanization, our freshwater resources are under unprecedented pressure, and the effects of climate change further exacerbate this issue. Conserving water reduces the impacts of water shortages and helps build a buffer against future drought years. Moreover, it helps to preserve our environment and reduces the energy required to process and deliver water, which helps in reducing pollution and conserving fossil fuels.

For businesses specifically, water conservation can translate to cost savings. Reducing water usage means lower operating costs, including savings on utility bills and potential tax credits. Furthermore, businesses that prioritize water conservation strengthen their corporate social responsibility, contributing to a positive brand image, which can enhance customer loyalty and employee morale.

In essence, being responsible for water resources reflects our commitment to a sustainable future. It’s not just good for the environment, it’s good for the bottom line, too. Embracing water conservation goals is a win-win situation for businesses, communities, and the planet.

The Role of Plastic Pollution in Water Conservation

Plastic pollution presents a significant hurdle in water conservation efforts. Each year, millions of tons of plastic waste find their way into our rivers, lakes, and oceans, causing substantial damage to aquatic ecosystems and disrupting the natural water cycle.
Plastics, particularly single-use plastic water bottles and jugs, contribute to water scarcity in a two-fold manner: their production and their disposal. The manufacturing process of plastic bottles requires a significant amount of water. Shockingly, it takes about three liters of water to produce one liter of bottled water. This is a gross misappropriation of a valuable resource, contributing to the escalating water crisis.


Upon disposal, plastics cause further harm. They are non-biodegradable, which means they do not decompose naturally and can persist in the environment for hundreds of years. When these plastics enter our water bodies, they degrade into microplastics, small plastic particles less than five millimeters in length. These microplastics absorb toxins, are ingested by marine life, and eventually make their way up the food chain, posing health risks to humans and animals alike.

Furthermore, plastic garbage blocks waterways and impedes the natural flow of water, causing waterlogging and often leading to flooding. It also affects groundwater recharge as plastic layered in landfills prevents rainwater from seeping into the ground.

Therefore, reducing plastic waste by switching to reusable bottles and adopting sustainable practices in our businesses and personal lives is not just an environmental necessity—it’s also crucial for water conservation. By curbing plastic pollution, we can make significant strides in our water conservation efforts, contributing to a healthier planet and a more sustainable future.

Conserve Water & Drink Responsibly

By making eco-friendly water goals your company can make, you are not only contributing to environmental sustainability overall but also promoting awareness of eco-friendliness within your organization. And Artesian Bottleless Water can help you reach those goals!

With a bottleless water and ice cooler in the office, you not only eliminate your company’s dependency on plastic bottles and jugs, but you also reduce water waste. Our water filtration and purification systems are designed to reduce the amount of water your company uses or buys, all while providing a steady flow of clean, pure drinking water. Removing plastic and saving water? Who doesn’t love that?

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