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drive change in our communities

We have partnered with Bottleless Nation to drive change by educating communities on the importance of ditching plastic and cleaning up our environment.

66x plastic bottles

There are 66x as many bottles as humans on this planet.

10 million tons

The estimated amount of plastic that enters our oceans every year.

By 2050

The amount of plastic in our oceans will outweigh the fish.

100 billion

There are more microplastics in the ocean than stars in the Milky Way

Making A Difference with the Bottleless Nation Charitable Foundation

We are proud to partner with the Bottleless Nation Charitable Foundation for our charitable giving initiatives. The BNCF is dedicated to the reduction of plastics in the bottleless water and ice marketplace and funding initiatives encouraging environmental clean-up and serving water-insecure communities in the US and abroad. In 2024, we donated 10% of our 2023 collected installation dollars, totaling nearly $30,000, to the Bottleless Nation Charitable Foundation in support of two impactful charities: Keep America Beautiful® and charity: water.

BNCF White Logo

envisioning a plastic free world

Although we acknowledge the damage caused by plastic, we believe we can change our course and reduce our plastic usage. Our goal is not only to encourage plastic-free solutions but also to promote a lifestyle that is free of plastic.



We collaborate with Bottleless Nation and affiliates to support local and global charities, improving the environment and helping communities with limited clean water access. Let’s create a world without bottled water, a Bottleless Nation.



We must act against plastic pollution to protect the environment and future generations. Artesian and Bottleless Nation are committed to promoting a healthier planet for healthier people. Let’s strive for a better future.



Bottleless Nation is an eco-conscious group that aims to reduce plastic waste and promote environmental clean-up. The Board of Governors, composed of 13 volunteers, oversees collaborative efforts towards this goal.

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