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5 Reasons Your Employees Can’t Stand the 5-Gallon Water Jug

As much as we like the idea of being environmentally conscious and reducing plastic waste, the 5-gallon water jug at your workplace can sometimes seem like more of a convenience than a nuisance. That’s because access to drinking water is essential for productivity and employee satisfaction. However, you may not have noticed it yet, but the water jug could be a big reason why your workers are less productive than they could be. Below, Artesian Bottleless Water covers five reasons why your employees can’t stand the 5-gallon water jug and what you, as an employer, can do to improve the situation.

Why Employees Hate 5-Gallon Jug Coolers

Those Jugs Are Heavy!

While this may seem like an obvious reason, a full 5-gallon water jug weighs in at around 45 pounds, which is not an easy weight for everyone to handle. We don’t know too many office workers who double as bodybuilders, and if you don’t have someone regularly lifting weights at the gym, replacing that jug might be harder than you think. Plus, no one wants to constantly interrupt Dave in Accounting just because he’s the tallest and strongest one in the office. But besides being annoyingly heavy, employees who do have to refill the jug risk physical discomfort or even minor injuries, such as back strains. So, rather than making it a task that people must dread, consider other options, such as a bottleless water cooler – where zero lifting is required.

man lifting heavy 5-gallon jugs

2. And They’re Difficult to Handle

Aside from the weight issue, the 5-gallon water jug is also awkward to carry and maneuver into place. Carrying the jug without spilling or dropping it requires a specific set of skills and experience. It also requires you to be slightly taller than the water cooler to even hoist it up in place anyway. Also, many employees feel anxious and stressed when they are handling the jug, which can lead to negative emotions and decreased productivity. This is just another reason employees hate that 5-gallon water jug.

3. It’s Time-Consuming

Refilling the 5-gallon water jug can take longer than you think. First, you have to unhook the hold water jug and discard it. Then, you have to either track down your backstock of water jugs or move things around to reach the oldest bottle available. Then, as we’ve mentioned, you have to lift it and put it in place just so. The entire process might seem like a breeze, but does it work within your employees’ daily workflow? Probably not. It not only takes a worker away from their normal tasks but also means they’re left catching up on missed work at the end of the day — all because of a water cooler.

4. It Gets Messy

As you can imagine (or already know), there’s always a chance of spills or leaks when handling a 5-gallon jug, making the area surrounding the office floor wet and slippery. It can also make the jug slippery, creating a potential hazard for employees to slip and fall, resulting in injuries and time off work. Plus, who has time to walk around in wet clothes at the office, especially when a big marketing meeting is coming up? We certainly know your employees don’t! So, we suggest you just skip the mess altogether with something more efficient.

5. The Water Isn’t Always Drinkable

Regarding the purity of water, 5-gallon jugs are not the best choice. Their design inherently leaves the water open to the outside air, allowing for potential contamination with bacteria, viruses, or other airborne particles. This exposure can serve as an open invitation to a host of undesirable elements. Moreover, if the water isn’t consumed within a certain period, it can become stagnant, creating an ideal environment for algae to grow in the tank – Gross! This not only compromises the taste but also the healthfulness of the water, adding yet another reason to the list of why employees may dislike the 5-gallon water jug.

man lifting heavy 5-gallon jugs

A Better Drinking Water Option

Why Choose Artesian Bottleless Water Coolers?

Transitioning to an Artesian bottleless water cooler can alleviate all these issues associated with 5-gallon water jugs. Here are some compelling reasons why it’s the superior choice for your workplace hydration needs:

  • Multi-stage Filtration: Artesian Bottleless Water Coolers come equipped with advanced multi-stage filtration systems. This ensures your employees have access to water that’s not only refreshing but also free from contaminants. Alleviate any worries about water purity with this technologically advanced filtration.
  • Safeguarded Water Tank: Unlike the traditional 5-gallon jugs, our bottleless water coolers have a closed-off holding tank. This design eliminates the risk of airborne contaminants, always providing cleaner, safer drinking water.
  • Self-Cleaning Features: Maintenance of these units is a breeze, thanks to their self-cleaning features. Keeping the unit’s internal workings clean ensures the water dispensed remains fresh and healthy, eliminating the risk of stagnation and algae growth. Plus, we monitor the maintenance of our units, always scheduling regular visits without you needing to make the effort.
  • Versatile Water Options: Our bottleless water coolers offer many water options. You can enjoy cold, hot, or even sparkling water, offering a versatility that the traditional 5-gallon jug coolers simply cannot match. Plus, some of our units make that chewable, delicate bullet ice we all love! Refreshing iced water on a hot summer day? Yes, please! Hot water for your midday tea? Absolutely!

Switching to an Artesian bottleless water cooler addresses the issues with 5-gallon jugs and provides added benefits, improving the overall workplace environment. Say goodbye to heavy lifting, spills, and water contamination concerns, and say hello to refreshing, clean, and safe drinking water anytime you need it.

Give Your Employees What They Want: Clean Drinking Water Without All the Hassle!

Want your employees to love the water cooler again? Artesian Bottleless Water offers the ultimate solution for employees who are frustrated with the inconveniences of 5-gallon water jugs. By making the switch, your business can save money, satisfy your employees, and contribute to environmental sustainability. This is not just about providing drinking water; it’s about ensuring it is clean, easily accessible, and causing zero disruption to your employees’ workflow. Plus, with less plastic involved, your office can reduce its carbon footprint, aligning with green initiatives.

Don’t let your employees dread the water cooler any longer. Make the smart choice today. Start a free 7-day trial on one of our water coolers and experience the ease and efficiency of Artesian for yourself.