Artesian Joins BNCF To Support Charities

Artesian Joins BNCF To Support Charities

As a company serving businesses across the United States, Artesian Bottleless Water knows the importance of giving back. For years, our charitable giving has been sporadic but purposeful. But this year, we wanted to do more. So, we changed how we did things by joining Bottleless Nation Charitable Foundation (BNCF) to support two organizations giving back to local communities and those abroad.

The Artesian, BNCF Ties

For years, Artesian Bottleless Water has steadily built a reputation on a foundation of environmental stewardship and community support. With a commitment to eliminating plastic waste from traditional bottled water solutions in offices across the nation, we’re proud to pioneer sustainable practices that stretch from Michigan to Texas and Washington to Arizona. As a part of our overall mission, we’ve partnered with Bottleless Nation to drive change by educating communities on the importance of ditching plastic and cleaning up our environment, all while providing clean drinking water. Through this partnership, we can now highlight that we’re also supporting the charity work of two incredible nonprofits: Keep America Beautiful® and charity: water®.

Why It’s Still a Common Practice

Fluoridation of municipal water sources continues to be a common practice due to its perceived benefits and recommendations from various health organizations. The American Dental Association, the World Health Organization, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention all endorse the use of fluoride in water supplies as an effective and safe method for preventing tooth decay at a community level. Also, fluoride is a naturally occurring element in many water sources, and its supplementation merely brings the concentration to an optimal level that is beneficial for oral health.

Special Charity Selections

By giving to the Bottleless Nation Charitable Foundation, Artesian is proud and honored to announce our support for charity: water®, a global nonprofit that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Through a profound collaborative effort with our customers, sister company, and billing partner, we had a helping hand in raising a substantial $40,000 for the charity, contributing $18,858 directly to further this important work. Because charity: water® 100% funds clean water projects, our entire contribution is now going towards two new wells with hand pumps in the Nampula District in Mozambique.

A little closer to home, our 2023 contributions are going towards Keep America Beautiful®, which focuses on inspiring and educating individuals to take action every day to improve and beautify their community environment. The organization is driven by the work and passion of millions of individual volunteers, nearly 700 community-based Keep America Beautiful® affiliates, and the support of municipalities, elected officials, and corporate partners. And we’re proud to say we’ve contributed to maintaining beautiful, healthy communities by helping to raise $23,593, of which we contributed a notable $11,122.

Volunteer, child and people high five while cleaning park with garbage bag for a clean environment

Together, We’re Making a Difference 

The partnership between Artesian and BNCF further showcases our commitment to inspire and nurture a culture of accountability and integrity. But we couldn’t have done this alone. Thanks to countless customers across the country, we were able to pull together our contributions from a portion of 2023 bottleless water cooler and ice machine installation fees. Additionally, fees from our billing partners at Pure Water Partners were a part of the grand totals given to each charity. So, whether we were installing new coolers or you were making up for lost time, you had a significant role to play in our ability to give back to charitable causes like charity: water® and Keep America Beautiful®. 

As we look ahead to the rest of 2024, we will continue to set aside funds for our contribution to future BNCF charities. We, along with Office H2O and BNCF, will also be hosting some collaborative volunteer clean-up events through Keep America Beautiful®, as well as receiving some updates on the progress of the water projects we’ve helped support. We will be sharing all of that news and more with you as we head deeper into 2024.