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Five Ways to Lower Your Water Bill

Are you looking for ways to trim your energy and utility bills every month? If you said yes, then join the club! It’s no surprise that homeowners and business owners are constantly looking for ways to save, and lower water bills are usually at the top of the list. Water is always flowing through the pipes and is necessary for just about any business or home to operate. However, it can be a costly utility if you’re not careful.

Thankfully, the water experts at Artesian Bottleless Water are here to help keep your employees hydrated without increasing the water bill. Our state-of-the-art water coolers tap directly into your tap water source, so there’s no added expense of bottled water. Still, there are some ways you can start saving, whether at home or in the office. Here are five tips to help you save on next month’s water bill.

5 Steps to Saving Water

1. Take Shorter Showers

Whether it’s a shower at the office or home, cutting just a couple of minutes off your time can lead to impressive savings on your water bill. You could save up to 2.5 gallons of water for every minute you shave off your time in the shower. While it may be hard to cut every shower down to just a few minutes, you could try the eco-friendly “Navy shower” and turn off the water while soaping up and then turning the water back on to rinse.

2. Add Aerators

Faucet aerators are great little devices that easily attach to any sink faucet. They simultaneously reduce the amount of water your faucet uses while making the stream more forceful. Aerators add air to the water stream, which means you get more water flow and force while cutting back on the actual amount of water you use during each turn of the nozzle. You get an increase in savings and performance, which can be a win-win solution for your high water bill troubles.

3. Do Full Loads of Laundry

When it comes to doing laundry, it’s always best to try and wait until you have full loads. Washing machines are some of the biggest water wasters in your home or business, especially if you’re not utilizing the functions correctly or are washing just a few items at a time. Instead, wait until you have a pile that’s big enough for a standard cycle. You’ll not only save money on energy, but you’ll also have a lower bill by saving 20-30 gallons of water per cycle.

4. Install Low-Flow Toilets

Advances in toilet technology have made it near impossible to not upgrade to a more efficient unit. Low-flow toilets are the perfect option for any home or business looking to save money when it comes to flushing. Many modern models even have dual flushing mechanisms, with one designed to eliminate liquids, while the other adds a little more water and force to remove solids. Adding water-efficient toilets to your home or business can save nearly 2.5 gallons of water per flush.

5. Look for Leaks

Leaks are a common issue anywhere there’s water flow. They can pop up under the kitchen sink, behind appliances, and in the plumbing underneath your home or business. If you’ve noticed an uptick in your water usage but haven’t changed much of your routine, then it’s time to inspect for a possible leak. Check your dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator, and even the faucets in the bathrooms and kitchen. Fixing a substantial leak could save you up to 20 gallons per day, making a large impact on your water bill.

Go Bottleless Today

When you’re looking for a water filtration system that provides fresh, clean drinking water for your employees and guests, turn to Artesian Bottleless Water. We have a variety of water coolers designed to meet the needs of any office, healthcare facility, business, or school. To try a water cooler free for seven days, contact us online or find an Artesian office nearest you.

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