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Four Ways to Celebrate World Water Week

August is the time of year when everyone is trying to squeeze in that last bit of summer. People are out enjoying all their favorite activities, including swimming, kayaking, and other recreational activities that involve water. That’s why August also makes the perfect time to bring global awareness to climate change and the ever-rising issues related to water through World Water Week.

This year’s event is August 23-27, 2021, and while it’s going to be held completely virtual, there are ways you can celebrate. If pure, clean drinking water is important to your organization, just know that it’s also important to everyone around the world. While you have access to your amazing bottleless water cooler from Artesian Bottleless Water & Air Purification, others aren’t so lucky. So, here are several ways you can support this great cause and help us celebrate.

1. Take Part in Virtual Events

The Stockholm International Water Institute is responsible for putting on World Water Week every year. This year is going to be 100% virtual, which means more people from around the world can join. You can expect to interact with people from more than 130 countries and other organizations looking for answers to the world’s water challenges. Click here to find a complete list of all the virtual events taking place.

2. Watch a Documentary

With today’s streaming services, you can find just about anything to watch. So, if you want to help us celebrate World Water Week, then launch your education with a new documentary. You can find great films told by people worldwide on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. Topics often covered in these documentaries include climate change, single-use plastics, and ocean pollution. You can even find documentaries on river pollution and America’s dams.

3. Support Water Organizations

It’s no secret that the world’s water crisis is mainly focused in Africa, where access to clean drinking water is extremely limited. However, countries around the world lack the internal infrastructure to clean their water or tap into new natural resources. These challenges have affected millions of people without access to clean water. So, supporting organizations that help raise awareness or work toward goals of providing clean water to everyone is a great way to celebrate World Water Week. Here are just a few:

4. Practice Responsible Water Use

Our final tip for celebrating World Water Week can be done all the time. Using water wisely and being aware of how you might waste it is something you can do all the time. Here in the United States, we often take water for granted, but that doesn’t mean we can’t change our ways. So, the next time you brush your teeth, turn off the faucet. Or the next time you cook, try reusing some of the water whenever possible. You might even limit how much water you use to water your lawn. These are just a few easy ways to practice responsible water use.

Pure, Clean Drinking Water

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