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How Water Consumption Affects the Brain

Everyone knows that water consumption is an essential part of staying healthy. Not only does H2O aid in digestion, development, and growth, but it also helps your vital organs, like your brain, flush out toxins. During the hot summer months, staying hydrated is even more essential to prevent hyperthermia and replenish fluids in the body lost by sweating in the heat.

Here at Artesian, we proudly provide clean and pure drinking water to businesses around the country. Water is sent through our multi-stage filtration systems that purify the molecules and remove any harsh chemicals and sediments. Pure, clean water is beneficial for your entire body, including your brain. But have you ever wondered what effect your water consumption (or lack thereof) has on your cognitive health? Here are five ways water consumption affects the brain.

5 Reasons to Hydrate Your Brain

1. Balanced Moods

Being dehydrated has shown to impact mood and how you feel throughout the day. When the brain becomes dehydrated, the firing between neurons slows. The brain’s temperature also rises, which prevents it from getting rid of toxins and dead cells. These dead cells linger, causing chemical imbalances and thus affecting your mood. To give yourself a mood boost, make sure to stay hydrated.

2. Prevention & Relief of Headaches

One of the first signs of dehydration is headaches. If you’re getting headaches frequently, your brain and body are telling you it’s time to consume to fluids. Staying hydrated for individuals who get frequent migraines has shown to help improve symptoms and prevent the onset of a headache. If you know you’re susceptible to headaches, keep up with your daily water intake and stop the pain in its tracks.

3. Sustained Memory Function

Dehydrated brains are tired brains, which makes remembering things a challenge. When you don’t consume enough water, your brain struggles to infer information, draw conclusions, and create and keep long-term memories. Even being slightly dehydrated can affect the brain’s ability to form short-term memories. So, if you feel more forgetful than usual, it’s time to drink more water throughout the day.

4. Water Consumption Improves Concentration

Our brains are nearly 80% water, which means they are one of the first organs to feel the side effects of not drinking enough water. If you haven’t taken a sip all day and are struggling with your concentration, your brain is struggling to run on the limited water intake. So, fill that glass and give your mind precisely what it’s craving: H2O. You should start to notice a difference in about 30 minutes.

5. Better Sleep

Water consumption affects the brain in a variety of ways, but most importantly it increases blood flow to the brain, which increases oxygenation. This process helps calm the brain, allowing your mind and body to wind down at the end of a long day. Staying hydrated keeps your brain focused, calm, and feeling great and results in a more restful night’s sleep. If you’re wondering why you can’t fall asleep at night or struggle to stay asleep, drink more water during the day.

Artesian Keeps You Hydrated

Drinking water is essential for the entire body, but consuming enough water can really affect the brain and how you feel. If you notice that your employees seem sluggish in the afternoon, give them a cold refreshing water source. Artesian bottleless water coolers are perfect for any sized office and tap right into your standard water source. To find out more, visit our website and call the nearest Artesian rep to you.

Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash