Artesian’s Commercial Ice Machines

Better Ice for Your Business

At Artesian Bottleless Water, we understand the need to elevate your business’s day-to-day needs and bring you a cutting-edge solution that keeps your team refreshed and your operations smooth – our Commercial Ice Machines.

Tailored to Your Company
Whether you operate a bustling warehouse, a hotel, a dynamic manufacturing plant, or an office, our commercial ice makers are designed to cater to your unique needs. With state-of-the-art technology, our machines ensure you have a constant supply of fresh, crystal-clear ice – without the hassle of bagged ice delivery services.

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Unmatched Quality and Reliability

  • High Capacity & Efficiency: Designed to meet the demands of high-usage environments, our office ice solutions ensure you’ll never run out during critical business hours.
  • Advanced Hygiene Features: Our machines come equipped with advanced filtration technology, providing your employees and staff hygienic ice that’s not just cold but clean.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Our team will handle the installation and maintenance of your ice machine. Guided by manufacturer guidelines, we clean and sanitize the equipment for you 2x a year, ensuring your business benefits from optimum sanitation.
  • Ice Machine Leasing Benefits: Enjoy a fixed, predictable monthly investment with our ice machine rental options, avoiding large upfront costs and staying updated with the latest equipment. Whether you’re in need of an industrial ice machine or a small ice maker, we are able offer a wide range of state-of-the-art ice dispenser solutions, like our Hotel Style and countertop ice maker, to meet the unique needs of your company.
  • Eco-Friendly: With Artesian, you’re choosing a sustainable ice option that reduces plastic waste and water usage, aligning with your company’s green initiatives.
  • Nugget Ice: A crowd favorite – we have machines capable of producing soft, chewable Sonic or Chick Fil-A style nugget or pellet ice cubes we know your staff and customers will love. Or if you prefer a bigger cube, go for one of our large square ice cube machine options.
A Series A-280C-UC Commercial Ice-Machine

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Let’s help mother earth with eco-friendly ice

Join us on this incredible journey of creating a healthier planet. Together, we’ll make a splash and leave a positive impact on Mother Earth by reducing carbon emissions, plastic waste, and harmful toxins. Plus, we’ll keep the office hydrated, happy, and healthy along the way. If you’re ready to make a change and up your ice game, then Artesian Bottleless Water wants to talk to you. Our planet (and your pocket) will thank you!

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Save Money

Get unlimited, on-demand, purified water and ice for your office starting with your existing tap water supply.

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Going bottleless and quitting bagged ice services limits the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

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Safe & Clean Water and Ice

Ensure clean and healthy ice for your employees and customers with our commercial reverse osmosis system.

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Variety of Machine Options

Personalize your ice with one of our many dispensers. Find the perfect match for your business’s needs.

Explore our  ice systems

A Series A-280C-UC Commercial Ice Machine

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a series 280c-uc

Commercial Ice Machine

A Series 550 Commercial Ice Machine

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Commercial Ice Machine


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Commercial Ice Machine

Meridian Series by Artesian

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Commercial Ice

Artesian Hotel Style

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Commercial Ice

Artesian Hotel Style

Experience the Difference

We are your area’s go-to local ice machine business. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who made the switch to Artesian’s Commercial Ice Machines. Call us today and see for yourself how our ice can transform your business!

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