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Let’s Compare! WS 7000 vs. WS 11000UV

Do you worry that your staff isn’t staying hydrated? Do you also worry that you could be doing more to provide them with pure, clean drinking water? If your office water cooler is just a blue jug on top of a simple dispenser, then you might have your answer as to why no one is drinking from it.

Not only can the water in these jugs go stagnant, but the open-air design means you can invite unwanted viruses and bacteria into your office drinking water. These systems pose a health risk to your entire staff, and it means you’re probably drinking water that’s growing algae somewhere within the jug or cooler. Here at Artesian Bottleless Water, we know this struggle is real for many business office managers. That’s why we offer a complete lineup of bottleless water and ice coolers. So, let’s compare a couple of our units: the WS 7000 vs. the WS 11000UV.

WS 7000 for Office Drinking Water

If your office has an elegant feel, then you’ll love the Wellsys 7000. This sleek and slender unit is perfect for offices with 20-50 employees and comes with touch-activated sensors for hot and cold water dispensing. Have no fear: the WS 7000 is also COVID-compliant. This bottleless water cooler can easily become a touch-free hydration station with our stylish foot pedals.

The BSP Capsule provides continuous in-tank cleaning when it comes to tank sanitation, further keeping your water pure and ready to consume. When it comes to your drinking water’s sanitation, the WS 7000 comes with either our reverse osmosis or UF filter combinations to keep your water clean germ-free. Each of our filtration systems also ensures that your drinking water is alkaline and has added nutrients for better and healthier hydration at the push of a button (or foot pedal).

WS 11000UV for Office Water

Some offices prefer a little more technology with their accessories and equipment, and that’s precisely what you’ll get with the Wellsys 11000UV bottleless water cooler. If you have a staff larger than 50 people, then this may be the unit for your office. This office water cooler houses an advanced microprocessor with an LED display that provides information like:

    • Water usage
    • Filter changes
    • Temperature information
    • Programmable hot and cold water features

The WS 11000UV also comes with Clean Contact surfaces, touch-activated sensors, and self-dispense pad operations. You can hook up our stylish foot pedal for a completely touch-free hydration experience. Rest assured: the WS 11000UV also has your back when it comes to water waste. While the cold water tank holds 2.1 gallons of water, the hot water tank holds just 1.3 gallons, ensuring you never waste a drop. You’ll also find built-in leak detection that shuts off water access when the slightest leak is detected within the system.

How to Choose a Bottleless Water Cooler

When choosing the right water cooler for your home or business, it all starts with a phone call to your Artesian representative. From there, we’ll set you up with an installation and a free, seven-day trial, so you can really get a feel for the water cooler you’ve chosen. There is no obligation to buy, but we have a feeling you’re going to love either the WS 7000 or the WS 11000UV.

Furthermore, you can easily find the right unit for your office by your style preferences, as well as the needs of your employees or home. If you don’t need as much water in the holding tank, you may consider the WS 7000. Still, if you love technology and programming a unit to your liking, then the WS 11000UV is right for you.

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No matter what you decide, contacting Artesian Bottleless Water is the only way to get better, clean, great-tasting hydration. We also have several top-of-the-line commercial ice machines and sparkling water options. Find the Artesian office nearest you and give us a call today!