Bottleless Water Coolers and Ice Machines in Phoenix, Arizonia

Effortless Hydration for your Businesses in Phoenix

Are you in search of a modern alternative to the conventional 3- or 5-gallon water bottles? Could your business benefit from unlimited ice? Unveil the advantages and health perks our bottleless water coolers, filtration systems, and ice machines.

Bottleless water coolers and commercial ice machines present a cost-effective and beneficial choice for your company, and Artesian Water is your go-to aid. Serving businesses throughout Phoenix, Arizona, our bottleless water and ice machines provide unlimited filtered water/ice, equipped with customizable options to fulfill every one of your business’s water and ice needs.

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Premiere Provider of Bottleless Water Coolers and Commercial Ice Machines Throughout Phoenix, Arizona

Choosing a commercial bottleless water cooler or ice machine offers significant benefits for your business in Arizona, especially in Phoenix. Emphasizing environmental responsibility, convenience, and health and safety, opting for a bottleless water system or ice machine reduces environmental impact by eliminating the need for plastic bottles or bags for ice, and the carbon footprint associated with their delivery and collection. This eco-friendly choice helps conserve the planet while catering to the specific needs of businesses in the state of Arizona.


Artesian’s coolers offer an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution by eliminating plastic bottles, reducing storage space, and providing endless filtered water directly connected to your water supply.

Our professionals in Phoenix seamlessly integrate the cooler into your existing water line, handling the entire setup process for you, ensuring it’s up and running with minimal disruption.

Switching to a bottleless water cooler offers numerous benefits for businesses in Phoenix. Not only does it reduce your environmental footprint by eliminating the need for plastic bottles, but it also saves you time and money associated with traditional water delivery services.

Yes, Artesian Water offers professional installation and ongoing maintenance for our bottleless water coolers in Phoenix. Our team of experts will ensure that your system is installed correctly and functions optimally.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“We switched to Artesian Water’s bottleless coolers for our office in Phoenix, and it’s been a game-changer. Not only are we reducing our environmental impact, but the water quality is top-notch. Our team loves having fresh, filtered water available at all times.”

Sarah M., Office Manager

“As a small business owner in Arizona, finding a sustainable water solution was important to me. Artesian Water’s bottleless coolers provided the perfect solution. Installation was seamless, and the customer service has been exceptional. Highly recommend!”

Mark R., Small Business Owner

“We recently upgraded to Artesian Water’s bottleless coolers for our gym in Arizona Phoenix, and our members have been thrilled. Having access to clean, filtered water during workouts has been a huge hit. Plus, it’s great knowing that we’re making a positive impact on the environment.”

David L., Gym Owner

“I’ve been a customer of Artesian Water for years now, and I couldn’t be happier. Their bottleless water coolers are a staple in my home in Phoenix. The water tastes great, and I love knowing that I’m reducing waste by eliminating plastic bottles.”

Emily H., Homeowner