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Michigan’s $500 Million Water Infrastructure Investment Plan

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, was a wake-up call to many lawmakers and residents. In fact, Flint became an example to the entire country, showcasing what could happen when resident complaints and failing infrastructures went unresolved. Investment in clean water for residents is never a waste, and failing to come up with a water infrastructure plan can leave many communities at risk for serious health issues, which is precisely what we witnessed in Flint.

Now, Governor Gretchen Whitmer and other state legislators are working together to develop a solution for all residents of Michigan. Recently, it was announced that the state is putting $500 million into a water infrastructure plan called MI Clean Water, which “will provide clean, affordable water to Michiganders, direct investment into communities, and support over 7,500 clean water-based jobs.” As a proud part of the Michigan community, Artesian is excited about this endeavor. Here are some highlights we want everyone to know about.

Issues MI Clean Water Resolves

For years, Michigan has struggled to provide clean water to residents. Flint is just one example of many struggling communities, making Artesian bottleless water coolers a must-have in businesses and homes around the state. Some of the main issues that this new funding solves include: repairing lead-laden water service lines, toxic contamination from per- and poly fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), undersized sewers, failing septic systems, unaffordable water rates, and constrained local budgets.

Not only does MI Clean Water aim to improve water supply, but it also aims to provide the funds needed to make these necessary infrastructure upgrades. This funding will ensure that everyone has access to clean, healthy, and affordable water. The new water infrastructure plan also addresses longstanding issues of discharged sewage into Michigan’s lakes and rivers. Cleaner natural waterways mean a cleaner state and community.

How Funds Will be Dispersed

If there’s one thing we understand more than water, it’s that funding for anything can go quickly, and $500 million is no exception. The proposal combines state and federal dollars and is broken down as such:

  • $102.1 million will be used for the replacement of lead service lines in low-income communities.
  • $290 million will be used as bonding authority for water quality protection.
  • $105 million is a one-time General Fund for drinking water infrastructure and innovation.
  • $2.9 million will be used as asset management grants to help communities develop, update, and improve their wastewater and stormwater systems plans.

Why Clean Water is Important

As we witnessed in Flint, clean water is essential for communities’ health and safety. When residents and businesses have access to clean air and water, they not only thrive but they also become tourist destinations, which is an essential part of the economy in Michigan. Clean water is important in every aspect of life, and providing it means communities can attract new businesses and consumers.

Keeping rivers and lakes clean and free from raw sewage also helps keep water treatment costs down, which means residents can continue to afford their water bills. These waterways are also essential to wildlife and help provide healthy ecosystems around the state. With a new water infrastructure plan, Michigan is well on its way to becoming better and cleaner for all Michiganders.

Get Clean Drinking Water from Your Tap

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