ice cubes melting on table

Not All Ice is Created Equally: What’s the Difference?

When you think about ice, what usually comes to mind? Is it the crunchy, chewable kind? Or is it the slow-melting blocks? No matter your preference, there is one thing we can all agree on: not all forms of frozen water are the same. Additionally, not all occasions call for the same type of cube. Sometimes you need a round cube, and other times you need flakes for your favorite frozen treat. However, there is one thing that we can all agree upon – we all want our ice to be clean and pure.

The ice machines from Artesian Bottleless Water take ordinary tap water, filter out harsh chemicals, sediments, and floaties, and leave you with that pure, clean ice. There’s no doubt that the shape and cleanliness of ice can have a significant impact on your enjoyment. So, we’re breaking down some types of ice and the functionality of each cube.

Classic Dice Cubes

You’ve probably seen this type of cube before. Dice ice is the most common type of frozen cube and usually comes from those classic ice trays in the freezer. This ice features higher water-to-ice build ratio, meaning you get a lot of square surface for the amount of water used. Additionally, dice ice is excellent for sloshing around in refreshing beverages or for bagging. If you’ve played sports, you’ve likely used this type of cube to ice injuries or soak your aching muscles in an ice bath. The slow melt rate of the dice cube is what makes it a perfect cost-saving option for your business if that’s what you’re needing.

Nugget, Chewable Ice

The Artesian bottleless water and ice machines (like the i12) are famous for producing that delicate, nugget ice that everyone in the office loves to chew on. This type of ice is famous with one of your favorite restaurants: Sonic. Cylindrical and porous, the nugget ice absorbs the flavors of the liquid in your cup and is extremely easy to blend. Hence, this is why many restaurants use it in their mixed drink beverages. The only downside is that nugget ice tends to melt faster than some of the other options out there on the market.

Shaved Ice

If you’ve ever craved a tall snow cone on a hot summer’s day, then you know that shaved ice is where it’s at. Not only is shaved or flaking ice ideal for those blue raspberry cones, but it is also ideal for cooling something off rather quickly. Because of the increased surface area, shaved ice is perfect for chilling dishes at backyard BBQs, keeping that fresh salmon cold on the way home from the store, or for icing an injury. People often prefer the shaved version over the cube because it’s softer and is easier to transport. You can easily mold it, shape it, and compact it when you need to.

Tulip Cubes

Who says tulips can’t be cool? We certainly don’t say that around here! Tulip cubes are another crowd favorite since they tend to keep beverages colder longer. Tubular in shape, beverages touch all sides of the ice, flowing freely through and around it. This also means your liquid will be chilled more evenly. Tulip cubes are great for cocktails, mixed drinks, and blended beverages and are usually found in self-serve machines. They’re also crunchable, making them the perfect solution to satisfying those ice crunchers in the office.

Half Moon

If you have an ice maker in your refrigerator at home, then you likely have the ever-popular half-moon cube. Also known as crescent ice, this cube helps reduce the splashing around in your glass and tends to float near the top. The shape also allows the cubes to pack together. Half-moon ice is perfect for soft drinks in fast food places and is excellent for bagging. The larger size of the half-moon means you’ll get more cooling power with less ice. But don’t let the size fool you – half-moon cubes tend to melt faster than others.

Crunchy, Chewable Ice is Just a Phone Call Away

Are you tired of lukewarm drinking water at the office? Or maybe you’re tired of refilling the fridge with those plastic bottles. No matter what is contributing to your lack of office hydration, Artesian Bottleless Water & Air Purification can help! Our water coolers and commercial ice machines are perfect for any business. They create and store just the right amount of ice for restaurants, hotels, medical facilities, and more. So, if you’re ready to ditch the ice tray and the plastic, contact Artesian today!

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