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Reverse Osmosis: How Does it Work?

Of all the water on our planet, only about 2.5% of it is fresh, and only about 1% is accessible, meaning the majority of our planet’s water is locked up in frozen glaciers or found in the form of salt water. So, you could be wondering: “Why don’t we just tap into those resources for more drinking water?” But when you consider all the issues with this, you might realize that saltwater from the ocean is undrinkable, and tapping into glaciers could lead to other environmental problems.

Still, access to clean drinking water remains a significant concern for most of humanity. So, how can we continue to recycle and clean the water we currently have access to? We do this through a process called reverse osmosis. This process is just one of the many used to desalinate, clean, and purify drinking water and comes standard in our bottleless water coolers. It’s also used in other areas of the world as water treatment and can even help produce energy. Still, most people don’t understand how it works. So, the water experts from Artesian Bottleless Water are here to explain just how RO works.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

To understand how reverse osmosis works, we must first explain how osmosis works. By definition, “osmosis is the passage or diffusion of water or other solvents through a semi-permeable membrane that blocks the passage of dissolved solutes.” During this process, water molecules aim to find balance. So, a solvent low in concentrated solutions moves through a membrane to get to a higher concentrated solution, thus weakening the original solution.

During the RO process, this same idea is turned on its head with the introduction of pressure. By adding a high level of pressure, the highly concentrated water molecules are forced through a semi-permeable membrane that separates the water from the solvents. This leaves us with pure, clean water on one end and pollutants, salt, and other impurities on the other. The result is drinking water that’s been freed from all of its dissolved solids.

Is Reverse Osmosis Water Better?

The reverse osmosis filtration system found in our bottleless water units such as the  i12, W9, or our under-the-counter purification system, leaves you with clean, great-tasting water. Still, it also leaves you with water free of all essential minerals that your body needs. Furthermore, the RO filter, by itself, cannot remove other contaminants like chloramine, volatile organic compounds, or PFOS and PFAS. But when combined with other filters found in our water coolers, all of these impurities are removed as well. Additionally, all of our units come with a final polishing filter that adds essential minerals back to your water, so you’re left with clean, pure drinking water that can help balance your body’s pH level.

Why Should I Care About Reverse Osmosis Water?

The water you supply in your office can significantly impact your employee’s health and wellness. By law, you’re required to provide access to clean drinking water. Yet, leaving your staff to drink dirty tap water can leave you with more headaches than you realized. Traditional tap water goes through a water treatment that uses chlorine and fluoride, then travels through miles of dirty pipes before being dispensed at the faucet. Along its journey, waterborne illnesses and pathogens are likely picked up and then consumed by your employees. So, while you may argue that you’ve provided access to water, you cannot say that it’s clean and pure.

On the other side, you may be using a bottled water cooler or purchasing cases of plastic water bottles. Not only is this water usually just regular tap water as well, but it can go stagnant in those larger jugs. Furthermore, plastic water bottle production is terrible for the environment, often costing more in both resources and money to make. If you’re looking for a safer, healthier alternative, then it’s time to go bottleless!

With the Artesian water coolers, you not only eliminate your business’s reliance on plastic water bottles, but you also enjoy crisp, clean, great-tasting water that’s gone through a reverse osmosis filtration system. Clean water is easier for the body to absorb, keeps everyone in your office healthy, and can improve focus and productivity.

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