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Save Water, Save Money

Water usage and energy savings are very much mutually exclusive. Whether it’s running the dishwasher, supplying drinking water, flushing toilets, or your staff relying on the taps to do their jobs, your water bill can be a massive overhead expense. In most business buildings, gas and electricity are also used to heat water, so the less hot water your employees and guests use, the less electricity you use.

Still, water is an essential part of running your business. At Artesian, we know just how essential because we specialize in providing clean, great-tasting water to office buildings in the United States. While our units are energy efficient, we understand that businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs. Legally, you can’t cut off your employees’ access to drinking water, but there are other ways water conservation can help reduce your energy costs.

Save Water in the Bathroom

Monitoring the water used in your bathroom is one of the best ways to reduce your energy costs. Many businesses are getting around high-water waste in their restrooms by installing energy and water-efficient toilets and sinks. Thanks to advances in today’s technology, many toilet models now have two different flushing options, giving your team an option to use less water with each flush. Others are using less water to fill the bowls and tanks, which means you could start seeing energy savings sooner rather than later.

When it comes to sinks and washing your hands, you might want to install some faucets with built-in sensors that turn the water off when scrubbing with soap. The alternative is to allow the sink to run, which is a significant water waste practice and can easily be avoided with just a faucet swap.

Repair Leaks

Did you know that fixing a hot water leak in a faucet can save you up to $9 per year? Now imagine having several leaky faucets going unchecked throughout the entire office building. This $9 can more than pay for the repair bill and then some. Repairing leaky faucets also ensures that you’re not wasteful with your water usage, which can help you keep your water meter in check.

You might want to also check those breakroom appliances that utilize water, such as the dishwasher or refrigerator. These appliances can spring a water leak at any time, costing you hundreds in repair bills or even thousands to replace, not to mention the cost of water waste. But, don’t worry about your Artesian water cooler. Our systems come with a built-in leak monitoring system designed to shut off the water in the presence of a leak.

Adjust Your Lawn Watering Schedule

Suppose your business has landscaping or a lawn that you keep watered regularly. In that case, you can do yourself a favor by monitoring this a little more closely or adjusting your watering schedule based on the seasons. Some newer systems have remote capabilities, meaning you can adjust the schedule from anywhere, or you can look to upgrade your system with weather-sensoring capabilities. These sensors detect changes in the weather and accommodate the watering schedule for you, saving you money on both your electric and water bills.

Save Money, Stay Hydrated!

Why are you still spending money on those bulky, plastic water jugs and water cooler? These systems are not healthy for your employees or guests, and there are no built-in leak detections or self-sanitizing holding tanks. With an Artesian bottleless water cooler and ice machine, you will not only save money on these bulky water jugs, but you’ll also feel great about the water choice you’re providing your employees. Contact us today to start your free trial.

Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash