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Six Powerful Ways Drinking Water Can Boost Health

The human body is 60% water, and the blood alone is 90% water. This means that water is the most essential element you can consume. Not only does staying hydrated help with key bodily functions, but it can also help keep you motivated, focused, and happy. If you’re looking for better ways to keep your team hydrated throughout the day, then you need a clean, pure office drinking water solution.

Thankfully, Artesian Bottleless Water has your back. Not only do we have bottleless water coolers that provide fresh, clean drinking water for your entire office, but we also have water and ice combo coolers that give you everything you need to stay hydrated while at work. In fact, we believe in our water coolers and the pure hydration they provide so much that we’re outlining six powerful ways drinking water can boost the health of you and your entire team.

6 Ways Water Boosts Your Health

1. Water Carries Oxygen Through the Body

As we’ve already mentioned, your blood is 90% water and is responsible for carrying oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your organs, brain, and nervous system. Oxygen is vital for your entire body, and water helps move this molecule to where it needs to go. When you’re not hydrated, your blood, or the hemoglobin cells in your blood, become dehydrated. This means they constrict to conserve energy, which prevents them from carrying all the oxygen they can through your bloodstream. Without oxygen flowing through your veins, you could experience fatigue, confusion, and difficulties with concentration.

2. Water Lubricates Joints

Throughout your entire body are cartilage discs. These cushion discs are found in the spine, between your ankle bones, and in your knees. These discs remain spongy and cushion everyday blows from walking, running, exercise, and more. When your body becomes dehydrated for a long period of time, these joints lose their shock-absorbing abilities, leading to chronic joint pain and eventually complete wear of the disc. This then further exacerbates arthritis symptoms and discomfort, which is why drinking water is so important.

3. Water Affects Brain Health

The brain needs a steady stream of oxygenated blood and relies on water for optimal performance. Without drinking enough water, your brain can actually shrink in size as it attempts to conserve energy. Not only does this lead to cognitive function disorders, but it can also hinder the production of hormones and neurotransmitters essential for all types of bodily functions. Staying hydrated is the only way to prevent these effects from happening. Additionally, water helps cushion your brain inside your skull and your spinal cord.

4. Water Flushes Out Waste

Water works in every area of your body, including in your intestines, kidneys, liver, and colon. Drinking water can boost your health by preventing constipation and helping your kidneys flush out toxins in your blood. Water also helps your intestines digest food, which can boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. Getting rid of toxins in your body is important, and drinking plenty of water throughout the day can guarantee this.

5. Water Keeps Airways Open

It may seem a little counterintuitive, but water can actually keep your lungs and airways open, giving air a clear passage into your lungs. However, when you’re not drinking enough water, the airways can constrict, which is the body’s natural response to try to hold onto water. When the airways constrict, asthma and allergy symptoms can worsen, leaving you short of breath and out of energy. To prevent this, drink plenty of water throughout the day, and you’ll be sure to breathe easier.

6. Water Prevents Kidney Damage

Last but not least, drinking water can boost your health by preventing kidney damage. As we talked about flushing out toxins in your blood, your kidneys need water to do so as well. Because kidneys regulate the salts, electrolytes, and other blood impurities, water is needed to carry these elements out of your body. When you don’t stay hydrated, your kidneys have to work harder to clear your blood, leading to kidney stones and other kidney health issues.

Let’s Boost Your Health with Clean Water

Everyone deserves clean drinking water, especially your employees. Artesian Bottleless Water provides the purest, freshest drinking water on the market. Our state-of-the-art office water filtration coolers are made to accommodate the drinking needs of any sized office. Whether you go with our W9 or the i12 model is up to you. Try any of our water coolers free for 7 days. Call an Artesian location nearest you to get started and learn how drinking our water can boost your health.

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