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Staying Healthy During a Pandemic

People around the globe are feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and staying health during the pandemic has been hard. Not only has daily life been interrupted, but so have our healthy activities and lifestyles. For many, getting to the gym, eating healthy, and drinking enough water have been replaced with hours on the couch, sugary snacks, and alcohol before noon.

While it can feel like this pandemic will never end, these new lifestyle changes are not sustainable for healthy living. Artesian Bottleless Water works hard to ensure that people can still access clean, pure drinking water. Nonetheless, we understand that staying healthy during a pandemic takes more than just clean drinking water. So, here is our quick guide to staying healthy during this pandemic or any pandemic to come.

Set a Regular Schedule

There’s no arguing that staying home for days and weeks at a time has messed with our regular schedules. Still, staying healthy during a pandemic requires that you stick to a regular schedule as much as possible. This means getting up at the same time every day and going through your normal workday routine. This set schedule will ensure that you’re focused and ready to take on the day, even if you’re just stepping into your home office.

Setting a regular schedule isn’t just for you to get some work done. It also ensures that your kids maintain some level of normalcy in a world full of chaos. Staying at home is no reason for not doing schoolwork or getting projects done, and having a daily routine will set everyone in your household up for success.

Manage Your Stress

Stress levels are through the roof right now, which means people are looking for ways to blow off steam. However, quick access to alcohol and endless hours spent on social media have impacted our managing stress. If you’re looking for ways to manage your stress and stay healthy during a pandemic, then you’ll want to find new and creative ways to manage stress. Maybe this means picking up a new hobby, discovering old passions, reading, or even partaking in at-home workouts.

If you still don’t feel comfortable hitting the gym, you could partner with some neighbors for a social-distanced yoga day. You’ll not only get your body moving, but you’ll also stay connected to those around you. You can also help manage your stress by staying away from the news and enjoy more activities with your family at home.

Stay Hydrated

You may be idle at home, but that doesn’t mean your body isn’t craving hydration. If you’re looking for ways to stay healthy during a pandemic, keeping yourself hydrated is an integral part of that mission. This practice is even more essential during the winter months when the air is drier, and the cold can zap moisture from our skin. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and the best way to keep it healthy is to drink more water. When you’re hydrated, you’ll also feel your best, giving your body what it needs to function and keep you focused.

Practice Basic Hygiene

If you can’t remember the last time you’ve showered, then you’re probably not taking care of yourself. Practicing basic hygiene is a great way to stay healthy and make yourself feel better. Furthermore, practicing basic hygiene like brushing your teeth and washing your hands regularly ensures that you keep germs at bay. You can also practice basic hygiene in your home cleaning. While there is technology out there that can pull germs from the air and remove them from hard surfaces, you can still stay healthy during a pandemic when you do laundry, wipe down surfaces regularly, and keep your bathroom clean.

Staying Healthy with Artesian

When it comes to keeping you, your family, and your staff healthy during a pandemic, Artesian Bottleless Water has what you need. Our bottleless ice and water coolers are perfect for any business or home. We also offer commercial ice makers and under-the-counter drinking water filtration systems that remove sediments, metals, and germs from your water. We also have different air purifiers that keep germs out of the air. To try any of our systems free for seven days, contact the Artesian dealer nearest you!