Installation Process

The Artesian Water Cooler Installation Process Explained

For those interested in having a bottleless water cooler installed in their St. Louis, MO, office, the process can seem intimidating. However, the installation process for Artesian Bottleless Water coolers is straightforward, quick, and minimally invasive. Our techs are highly trained and capable of handling any installation challenges you think we might have. So, let’s not waste any more time – Let’s see how this process works from start to finish.

The Water Cooler Installation Process

Step 1: Site Evaluation

First, your Artesian representative will come to your location to evaluate the installation site. The technician will assess the water source, distance from the water source to the installation site, and electrical requirements. They will typically ask you some questions about your preferences, such as placement location, before making recommendations for your specific needs. We’ll note any additional hurdles and come up with a plan to overcome them. Your entire office staff and managers will know ahead of time when we’re arriving so there’s never any question about when to be expecting us. 

Step 2: Installation Preparation

Once the site evaluation is complete, your Artesian technician will prepare the installation site. This may include turning off the water source, marking the location for the cooler, and ensuring that there is sufficient space for the unit and accessories. The technician will also note any special requirements, such as additional electrical wiring or plumbing connections. We always come prepared, though, so don’t worry about supplying us with these things. Our techs have everything they need right inside their vans.

Step 3: Installation

Once installation preparation is complete, your technician will install the unit. This typically takes 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity of the installation. During installation, the technician will make connections to your building’s water source and power supply. Additionally, they will install any necessary accessories like a water pump (included) or spill mat to prevent slippage at the water cooler.

Step 4: Testing

After installation is complete, our tech will thoroughly test the unit. They will check for leaks, ensure proper water flow, and test any accessories. If you have a machine with ice, they will stick around to make sure the first few cubes are produced and come out clean. They will also provide you and your staff with instructions on how to properly operate and maintain your new bottleless water cooler.

Step 5: Clean Up and Disposal

Once installation and testing are complete, the tech will clean up the installation site and dispose of any debris. We make sure to never leave any trash or debris related to your installation behind. So, whether we’re installing a cooler in your breakroom or your lobby, you won’t have to worry about us leaving trash behind. All you’re left with is a fully functioning, clean, and safe water source.

Artesian Techs are Prepared for Anything

At Artesian, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology in our industry. We understand that in order to provide top-notch service to our customers, our technicians, and our team must be highly skilled and knowledgeable in all things tech-related. That’s why we take tech training seriously. Our commitment to providing the best possible service starts with our technicians. Before they are sent out into the field, every Artesian technician goes through specialized tech training. This training is not just a formality but rather a rigorous program that prepares our techs for any situation they may encounter on the job.

The training consists of real-world examples of installations, ensuring that our technicians are equipped with practical skills and hands-on experience. This allows them to handle even the most complex projects with confidence and efficiency.

But it’s not just about learning technical skills; our training also emphasizes the importance of customer service and communication. We understand that our technicians are not just there to fix a problem but also to provide a positive and professional experience for our clients.

So next time you have a water cooler issue or are having a new unit installed, rest assured that the Artesian technician arriving at your doorstep has gone through rigorous training and is ready to handle any situation with professionalism and expertise. We take tech training seriously because we value our customers and their satisfaction above all else.

Your Drinking Water is In Good Hands

The Artesian installation process is designed to be simple and efficient, taking only a few hours from start to finish. With Artesian Bottleless Water, you can rest assured the installation will be properly handled and your unit will operate safely and effectively. As always, if you have any questions about the installation process or would like to schedule your FREE 7-day trial, contact Artesian Bottleless Water in St. Louis, MO, for further assistance.