The Benefits of Renting Your Commercial Ice Machine

The Benefits of Renting Your Commercial Ice Machine

Are your employees constantly running out of ice? Are you tired of having to run out to the gas station down the street or the grocery store just to make sure your office has ice? Then we’re guessing you’ve probably also wondered if you should just go ahead and buy a commercial ice machine. It’s a common dilemma for businesses across Denver, CO, seeking to keep their teams happy, healthy, and hydrated, especially during the peak summer months. 

Yet, procuring and maintaining an ice machine can often feel more like a chilling ordeal than a satisfyingly frozen purchase. That’s why Artesian Bottleless Water is proud to offer affordable, eco-friendly commercial ice machine rentals. We’re here to show your business why the convenience and value of renting your commercial ice machine could just be the coolest decision you make.

The Icy Economics of Renting vs. Buying

Cold Hard Costs—Why Upfront Shouldn’t be a Thing

When considering the acquisition of an essential item like a commercial ice machine, the capital outlay for purchase is the most apparent factor. However, this cold calculus can overlook the long-term demands of maintenance, repair, and eventual replacement.

Renting your commercial ice machine, on the other hand, lightens the immediate financial burden, offering a predictable monthly expense. Businesses are then free to allocate capital to immediate operational needs, innovation, or customer experiences rather than equipment assets that depreciate rapidly.

Upgrade or Downsize on Demand

One key benefit of renting a commercial ice machine is its flexibility. Seasonal businesses that face fluctuating ice demands can quickly and cost-effectively switch to larger or smaller units as needed. This adaptability ensures that businesses pay for what they use, no more, no less.

In contrast, owning a machine locks businesses into a size that may soon prove too small or unwieldy to manage, leading to value depreciation or the added expense of buying an additional unit.

The Melt of Maintenance

Thawing the Hassle of Ownership

Confronting an inoperative ice machine can send chills through any enterprise. Time lost due to repair delays and the potential cost of parts can spoil your business’s operation. However, with our rented machines, you can rest easy knowing we handle all the operations and maintenance requirements needed to keep your ice machine up and running. 

Our techs are specifically trained in the inner workings of these machines, going through hours of hands-on learning and training to ensure they’re prepared for every scenario. Many businesses across the United States already trust us with their commercial ice machine rentals.

One Call Away from a Frost-Free Solution

Speaking of technicians, sourcing one on your own isn’t as straightforward. If you choose to own your ice machine, then you’re on the hook for finding someone knowledgeable and certified to work on the type of machine you have. Choosing the wrong tech would end up costing you more in the long run, leaving you with more frustrations. But, by renting your commercial ice machine, you avoid these headaches entirely.

The Hidden Health and Environmental Halo

The Sparkling Environmental Conscience

Commercial ice machines are power-hungry devices, with some older models using significantly more energy than their newer, eco-friendly counterparts. By renting one of our machines, your business can stay ahead of energy efficiency standards and reduce its carbon footprint without any initial exorbitant cost.

Chilling Out on Health Code Compliance

For large and small businesses throughout Denver, safe and hygienic ice handling isn’t just a matter of quality—it’s an absolute health code imperative. Renting a machine underscores the drive for cleanliness and safety, ensuring that the machinery is consistently maintained to health department standards. This elevates your business with consumers, staff, and stakeholders.

view of clean ice from ice machine

A Sub-Zero Conclusion

The decision to rent a commercial ice machine from Artesian Bottleless Water can offer an array of benefits to offices, warehouses, medical facilities, hotels, and more. From cost savings and convenience to environmental and health considerations, the merits of renting are not to be ice-cold ignored.

With Artesian at the forefront of providing ice machine rental services, Denver, CO, businesses can be assured of a steady stream of benefits that go beyond chilling beverages. But where do you start? Analyze your business’s ice needs, tally up the costs of ownership versus renting, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a FREE 7-day trial.

It’s time to chill out and let the burden of ice machine management—a task that should be easy as pie—melt away into the capable hands of Artesian.