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What are the Benefits of Filtered Water?

Despite the comparatively good standard of drinking water we have available, it still has several impurities, which is why filtered water is always the safer option. In the case of tap water, odors, heavy metals, and cleansing chemicals such as chlorine can remain present, causing unpleasant smells and tastes. In addition to these drawbacks, there can be adverse health effects associated with regular consumption of water that inhabits these contaminants. We have also seen in various water crises that tap water is never 100% reliable, as proven in a recent article showing that tap water tap water in the United States is contaminated with toxic fluorinated chemicals at a higher rate than previously thought.

You may think bottled water is the ideal solution; however, the cost of bottled water to both your finances and the environment means that the best way to ensure your drinking water is of an adequate standard is to invest in filtered water.

What are the benefits of filtered water?

There are several reasons why filtered water provides a better impact all around: on your body, the environment, and your bank account.

Enhanced Hydration: Depending on the quality of the filter, your water can be enhanced to the point where you actually receive a much higher level of hydration than you would from standard tap water.

Remove Chlorine: Chlorine is the most common cleansing chemical used to treat water supplies. While chlorine is vital to remove dangerous bacteria and diseases from the water, the tiny proportion that remains can contribute to that tap water odor and, even more concerning, can have a serious impact on your health. The US Council of Environmental Quality found that cancer risk was 93% higher among those who were exposed to chlorinated drinking water. Additionally, the World Health Organization also found an increased risk of bladder cancer among populations drinking chlorinated water versus those not exposed to chlorinated water over half of their lifetimes.

Reduce Plastic Footprint: The biggest problem with the surge in the bottled water market is that it’s ruining the environment. One million plastic bottles are sold around the world every minute, and less than half of the 480 billion plastic bottles are properly recycled. It requires 17 million barrels of oil every year to produce the level of plastic bottles currently being consumed globally, and the amount of plastic produced each year is now the same weight as humanity!

What benefit of filtered water could be better than saving the planet?!

Commentators suggest that the plastic crisis could soon be as big of a threat as global warming to the future of the planet. A bottleless filtered water system allows you to get rid of the need for single-use PET plastic bottles for good.

Artesian Bottleless Water offers delicious, chemical-free water, always on tap, and we would love to install a unit in your space for a free trial! Contact our location nearest you for more information.

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