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What’s the Difference Between Purified Water & Filtered Water?

You can find just about every type of label out there when it comes to the cleanliness of your drinking water. You’ll find some companies that use the term “filtered water,” while others will use the term “purified water.” So, what’s the difference, and does it matter?

The truth of the matter is there is a difference between filtered water and purified water. It’s important to remember that all water we encounter through our taps and bottled sources is considered filtered water. However, when it comes to purified drinking water, a few more steps are involved. These different phases of water cleansing remove more impurities, heavy metals, and even dissolved solubles in your tap water. As your trusted bottleless water cooler experts, Artesian Bottleless Water knows all about the difference between purified water and filtered water. Here’s how we like to explain it.

Filtered Water Explained

In-home or in-office water filtration systems (like our M Series 3000) remove more impurities than other methods. This is because our systems are designed to work with treated tap water that comes directly from municipal sources. Each water cooler that Artesian offers come with a multi-stage filtration system that includes an activated carbon filter. By pushing the water molecules through these membranes, we can confidently say that our bottleless water coolers remove more unwanted microscopic contaminants than any other filter on the market.

Furthermore, drinking processed water has plenty of health benefits. Good-for-you minerals are maintained in your drinking water while heavy metals, pesticides, mercury, lead, and arsenic are removed. This leaves your home or office with clean drinking water that tastes great and smells fresh. When people have access to fresh, clean drinking water, they tend to be more productive, take fewer sick days, and have more energy.

Purified Water Explained

Purified water systems take the same filtration methods above and couple them with a few more steps, such as reverse osmosis, distillation, UV sanitation, and deionization. It’s these types of water purification and filtration that make purified water systems stand out from others. For example, the W9 bottleless water cooler provides your entire home or office with water that’s been sanitized by LED UV, as well as forced through an RO membrane. Because of these in-house processes, you’re left with water that’s known for its exceptional quality and desirability.

However, purified water is often left without all the added minerals that the body needs. Beneficial nutrients like magnesium and calcium are removed in the process, which means you’ll want to find a system that adds these back to the water once it’s pure. Many of Artesian’s bottleless water coolers do just that, improving the alkalinity of each molecule while providing pure, clean, great-tasting hydration to your office.

Benefits of Clean Drinking Water

When it comes to your drinking water, your expectation should be that it’s clean, free from impurities, and safe. While tap water in most states is considered clean by the EPA, it can never hurt to elevate your hydration experience with a filtration or purification system. Tap water contains trace elements of pesticides, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and heavy metals. These are all terrible for good health and wellness, especially in the workplace. Additionally, several studies have linked chlorinated water to an increase in cancers, including colorectal cancer.

Another benefit to drinking only pure water is that the purification process eliminates the foul odor that often comes from the tap. This odor is caused by the breakdown of organic material found deep within the plumbing of your building. With an office bottleless water cooler from Artesian, you will never have to worry about that rotten egg smell in your glass, ever again!

Ditch the Plastic & Upgrade to Purification

While many bottled water services will claim that their water is clean and even pure, there’s no way to know for sure. This water often sits in open-air plastic jugs that allow bacteria and algae growth in your office drinking water. But when you switch to a purification unit from Artesian Bottleless Water & Air Purification, you never have to worry about the quality of your drinking water. Find your system on our website and request your free 7-day trial to taste the difference!

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