Why Do 5-Gallon Jugs Have to be Stored at a Certain Temperature?

When it comes to refreshing drinks, nothing quite matches the satisfaction of a tall, cool glass of water. It’s no wonder in cities like Houston, Texas, where high temperatures are the norm rather than the exception, the thirst-quenching merits of 5-gallon water jugs are highly sought after. However, there is a critical but often overlooked detail in the saga of these water suppliers: their storage temperature. Understanding why 5-gallon jugs need to be stored at a certain temperature is not just a minor technicality; it is a pivotal factor in ensuring the preservation of the water’s purity and quality.

Understanding 5-Gallon Jug Storage Requirements 

5-gallon jugs are designed to maintain the temperature of their contents within a specific range. Have you ever wondered why? The temperature inside and outside the jug isn’t just about personal comfort; it can significantly impact the integrity and safety of the water, particularly in transit or storage.

One of the primary reasons for these temperature stipulations is that water expands as it freezes. For 5-gallon containers, which are typically made of plastic, the risk of bursting and subsequent contamination is very real if the water is stored in a noticeably colder than recommended atmosphere. Additionally, if water is stored at higher temperatures than recommended, it can accelerate the degradation of the plastic, leading to harmful chemicals leaching into the water—an outcome that nobody wants from their “clean” drinking water. Higher temperature storage can also lead to algae and bacteria growth within the jug, further contaminating your office’s drinking water source.

Proper Storage Recommendations

As we’ve previously stated, proper storage of 5-gallon water jugs is crucial in maintaining the quality and safety of your drinking water. To avoid bacteria growth or busted jugs, it is important to follow a few simple steps. First, make sure to store the jugs in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Sunlight and heat can promote bacterial growth and weaken the plastic, causing it to break or deform. Secondly, always store the jugs upright to prevent any potential leaks or spills. Additionally, it is recommended to keep them off the ground and on a sturdy surface to avoid any contamination from pests or dirt. Lastly, regularly clean and disinfect the jugs before refilling them with fresh water. By following these proper storage practices, you can ensure that your 5-gallon water jugs remain safe for consumption and maintain their integrity for future use.

Challenges Houston Companies Face with Storage Options 

One of the biggest challenges that companies face when it comes to properly storing their 5-gallon jugs is finding an adequate storage solution. Off-site storage facilities may seem like a viable option, but they often result in additional overhead costs and can be inconvenient for employees who need to access the jugs frequently. We’ve even seen companies store their jugs in hallways, which takes up precious space, causing clutter and potential safety hazards. Additionally, storing jugs in closets may not always provide proper temperature control, which can affect the integrity of the contents inside. Finding a balance between accessibility, space efficiency, and proper storage conditions is crucial for companies when it comes to effectively managing their 5-gallon jug inventory.

The Bottleless Water Cooler: An Ideal Replacement 

As you can see, storing your 5-gallon water jugs is crucial and cumbersome. But there is something better out there and organizations across Houston are choosing to outgrow the water jug solution altogether. This is where Artesian Bottleless Water steps in! We offer a smarter, cleaner, safer, alternative: bottleless water and ice coolers. Our coolers ensure that water is always available, always clean, and always convenient, eliminating the need for jug storage altogether.

With our bottleless water coolers, water undergoes multi-stage filtration, making it not just cool but always fresh. The tanks are self-cleaning, eliminating the need for temperature-sensitive storage, and preventing the buildup of bacteria and impurities. If cleaner, safer move towards continuous access to high-quality, safe drinking water without the logistical headache of managing 5-gallon jugs.

oader pushing cart with water bottles

Ditch the Jug & Try Something New! 

It’s time to reconsider your loyalty to the 5-gallon jug and embrace modern solutions that offer more value, efficiency, and, most importantly, unyielding standards in water quality. 

At Artesian Bottlesless Water in Houston, TX, you can test drive this change for your organization by trying a bottleless water cooler FREE for 7-days. It’s a straightforward way to experience how your water needs can be met seamlessly, without compromise. Plus, we guarantee the employees will love us! 

So, let’s make the switch – because you’re not just eliminating the storage dilemma; you’re making a statement about your commitment to modern, efficient, and safe water solutions for your entire company.