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7 Reasons Your Distribution Center Should Move Away from Bottled Water

When it comes to drinking water, people spend the most on bottled water. Over the last ten years, there has been an evident increase in disposable bottled water sales. In the United States, statistics show that 15.9 billion gallons of bottled water were sold from stores in 2022. What’s upsetting is that despite recycling being promoted and accessible, 91% of plastic water bottles are not recycled after use. As a result, pounds of plastic bottles end up in the ocean and landfills.

However, while plastic’s environmental impact is evident, this is not the only reason why your distribution center should move away from using plastic bottles. As an advocate of finding more sustainable solutions, Artesian Bottleless Water is dedicated to educating people on the dangers of bottled water. Here are some reasons why your company should move away from bottled water.

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Why Disposable Bottled Water is Not the Best Option

A few of the main reasons people prefer bottled water over tap water are its perceived health benefits, taste, and convenience. However, using bottled water generally has numerous negative effects on the environment, animals, and humans. The question is, how much does bottled water really cost us?

Disposable Water Bottles Are Damaging The Environment

Though many believe that plastic containers may be recyclable, the reality is that most water bottles are singl-use and end up in the oceans, causing severe marine pollution. Adding to this is the troubled state of recycling in the US and other countries. Alongside its environmental impact are its deadly effects on wildlife. Not only is the production of plastic an issue for the environment, but so is the extraction of fresh water and the distribution of packaged bottles worldwide.

Unknown Water Source

Most people continue to purchase drinking water in plastic bottles because they believe it has more pristine quality. This misconception is because most advertisements use mountain springs or fresh streams to show that bottled water is more pure than tap water. However, in reality, some suppliers fail to follow standards of cleanliness, and most source their supply just from your municipal water supply, which is nothing special.

Dangers from Micro-plastics

With the abovementioned dangers, people may ask if bottled water is safe to drink. Aside from its unknown source, the water you drink from the bottle might also contain microplastics. Microplastics are tiny plastics about 5mm long from commercial products or the breakdown of larger plastics. They are known to be pollutants in our freshwater resources and oceans, hence are dangerous to the environment and has negative health impact.

Often Contains Toxins from Plastics

Another danger of bottled water is the plastic itself. Plastic bottles are made of bisphenol A (BPA) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) that can leech toxic substances into the drinking water if not stored properly, causing severe health issues for your workers. Distribution centers tend to get hot, making proper storage of cases of bottled water a challenge. As a result, you run the risk of allowing plastic chemicals to leech in to the very same drinking water you’re providing your teams.

It’s Not Cold

Unless you’re constantly refilling a vending machine or a fridge in your warehouse, it’s likely that the bottles of water you’re offering isn’t even cold. In hot and sweaty conditions, this can be a major turn-off to workers. Eventually they settle for cold water straight from the tap or leave the premise in search of something cold to drink. By ditching bottled water and going with a more sustainable bottleless water cooler, you can rest assured cold water is always available!

You Have to Wait for Deliveries

Has your center ever run out of cases of bottled water for your teams? Relying on your regular delivery isn’t always the best, especially when you’re trying to keep your workers hydrated. So, if you’re tired of delayed deliveries or running out of cases of water, then it’s time to consider a better alternative that doesn’t require monthly orders and delivery drivers.

Burns a Hole in the Pocket

Buying bottled water in bulk can get expensive, especially when you’re managing a distribution center! You could also be wasting money with unused or minimally drank bottles lying around. Not every bottle that’s cracked open get’s used completely, which means you’re likely wasting money just for the convenience. So, why not safe some cash and let your workers dictate their own water intake with a bottleless water cooler?

Best Alternative for Bottled Water

Are you on the hunt for something better than bottled water in your facility?

Bottleless water coolers are a great solution to lessen plastic waste. Our coolers connect to your already-existing water supply providing you with endless, clean, crisp drinking water. Aside from this, our internal reverse osmosis filtration systems help eliminate contaminants like PFAS, chlorine, and other harmful volatile organic compounds.

Want ice? We’ve got you covered there, too! We have bottleless water and ice coolers as well as commercial ice machines, capable of producing more ice than your facility will need in one day. Plus it’s clean and free of impurities – which means you’ll never have to worry about floaties in your glass ever again!
If your distribution center is ready to make the upgrade to a more sustainable and affordable drinking water option, then it’s time to call Artesian Bottleless Water! You can try any of our units FREE for 7 days, making it a no-brainer to give us a try.

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