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Common Myths About Lead in Drinking Water

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than four million children are exposed to high levels of lead daily. This lead is often found in paint, paint dust, soil, and even contaminated water sources. While lead has been banned in commercial use for nearly four decades, it still remains one of the top concerns for both the CDC and the Environmental Protection Agency. A few years ago, experts estimated that nearly 63 million Americans had been exposed to lead in their drinking water from 2007-2017.

With nearly a fifth or more of the country’s population consuming lead, the push for clean, safe drinking water has taken off in the past decade. Artesian Bottleless Water specializes in bottleless water coolers that eliminate contaminants, including lead. So, while you can enjoy clean, fresh, pure, lead-free water at work, you also should not buy into any of these common misconceptions about lead in your tap water.

Myth #1: Lead in Drinking Water is Only a Residential Issue

Most of the lead poisoning reports come from the home, but it’s false to say that this is just a residential issue. In fact, public schools, daycares, churches, and public drinking fountains have been linked to high lead levels. For example, 71% of Texas schools tested positive for lead in their drinking water back in 2017. Nearly 61% of 1,000 Indiana schools tested also had elevated levels. What’s even more frustrating is that these numbers are likely higher since not all schools are tested. So, while it is easy to assume that kids and families are experiencing poisonings while at home, public areas and schools are a significant concern as well.

Myth #2: There is a Safe Level of Lead

The EPA sets the federal limit to 15 parts per billion (ppb), a trigger unit for water utility compliance. Any municipal water facility that detects lead levels higher than this must notify public health officials and the community right away. However, this limit should not be taken as a health-based standard. Instead, what people need to remember is that there is no safe level of lead. Lead is a toxin that affects multiple body functions and systems, and poisonings should be taken seriously.

Myth #3: Well Water Isn’t Affected by Lead

For almost 4.8 million people in the United States, well water is the primary source of water. However, not all states require homeowners to have their water tested for lead. Unfortunately, this means many people are drinking, bathing in, cooking with, and washing with water that has a potentially dangerous amount of lead. Homes and rural areas with private wells more than 20 years old run the risk of having high levels of lead in their packer element, which was likely installed to help seal the well above the well screen. Furthermore, the corrosion of old pipes and fixtures can further increase the chances of lead poisoning for people of all ages throughout rural communities.

Myth #4: My Pitcher Filter Will Remove Lead

Not all water filtration systems are created equal. If your office relies on the standard Brita filter pitcher, you’re likely not removing all of the contaminants, including lead. Many of these pitchers or faucet filters only remove chlorine and odor and improve the taste. That’s why so many offices switch to a  M Series 3000 or Under-the-Counter Reverse Osmosis system from Artesian. Unlike your standard filter, our purification units remove lead, chlorine, chemicals, and other sediments.

Myth #5: Boiling Water Helps Remove Lead

This myth is downright false. According to the CDC, you should never boil water with lead, as this can increase the concentration of it in your water. Additionally, you must remember that hot water is more corrosive than cold water, and boiling water can help the lead dissolve even further. That’s why it’s so important not to cook with lead-contaminated water. If you’re using formula to feed your baby, you should also use a completely different water source that tap.

Get Access to Lead-Free Drinking Water

Having access to clean, pure drinking water is essential, especially in the workplace. Whether you know how much lead is in your water or not, you should look to always be providing water that’s free from lead and other contaminants. Here at Artesian Bottleless Water & Air Purification, we offer simply the best in water filtration and purification. Our multi-stage process removes lead, chlorine, sediments, rust, and other impurities, all while improving taste, alkalinity, and enhancing minerals. Want to try one of our coolers for free? Then contact your Artesian experts today to start your 7-day trial!

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