Keep America Beautiful Nurturing Nature on Local Turf

Keep America Beautiful® – Nurturing Nature on Local Turf

As the sun casts its warm glow over lush backyards and vibrant neighborhoods, the sights of scattered litter and debris can undermine the natural beauty of these spaces. Keeping our local environments clean is about more than just aesthetics; it’s pivotal for the health of our communities, wildlife, and the planet as a whole. Clean communities promote a positive quality of life, reduce the risk of health problems associated with pollution, and maintain the delicate balance of local ecosystems.

Joining hands with Keep America Beautiful®, Artesian Bottleless Water embodies this vision of pristine communities as a core value. Artesian is proud to support an initiative that aligns with its commitment to sustainability — reducing waste and protecting our precious natural resources one bottleless solution at a time.

What Keep America Beautiful® Represents

Born out of growing concerns regarding litter and America’s deteriorating natural beauty, Keep America Beautiful began its journey with a vision to eradicate waste and elevate community pride. Today, the organization strides forward with a clear mission: to inspire and educate people to take action every day to improve and beautify their community environments. This vision stretches across the United States, influencing how people interact and engage with the natural landscapes of their neighborhoods.

For Local Environmentalists, By Local Environmentalists

Key to Keep America Beautiful’s philosophy is the belief that local community leaders, working together with businesses, governments, and individuals, can make a significant impact. Their programs and initiatives are designed to engage various stakeholders, creating a ripple effect that leads to long-term positive change.

Keep America Beautiful thrives on the ground, where the real work of environmental stewardship is done. Its initiatives are the hands-on tools that allow local environmentalists to sculpt their communities’ green futures. This organization provides programs and resources for communities to End Littering, Improve Recycling, and Beautify America’s public spaces.

Community Clean-Up Projects – A Direct Impact

The heart of Keep America Beautiful lies in its litter clean-up campaigns, offering local environmentalists the opportunity to come together and make a visible difference in public spaces, parks, and shorelines. These clean-up events not only beautify communities but also serve as a reminder of the importance of taking care of our surroundings.

Volunteers are provided with gloves, bags, and other necessary tools to pick up litter and debris, making it an accessible and inclusive event for all. These clean-ups often spark conversations and inspire individuals to think about their own actions in relation to littering and waste.

Recycling Campaigns – A Behavioral Revolution

Keep America Beautiful also spearheads recycling campaigns across the U.S. that not only advocate for waste diversion but also foster a sense of responsible consumption, turning citizens into keen recyclers and upcyclers. These initiatives provide the necessary resources and education for individuals to become active participants in reducing waste and preserving our planet’s resources.

volunteers picking up cleaning and reducing pollution

Beautification Projects – Transforming Spaces

Beautification projects are a testament that small, tangible changes can have a significant impact on communities. Keep America Beautiful offers various grant programs that help transform public spaces into clean, green, and inviting areas for communities to enjoy. These projects not only beautify neighborhoods but also promote a sense of community pride and ownership.

Educational Programs – Shaping the Minds of Tomorrow

Keep America Beautiful extends its efforts beyond the immediate and the tangible, investing in the power of education to fundamentally shift perceptions and behaviors around waste and littering. Through its educational programs, the organization empowers individuals—young and old alike—with the knowledge to recognize the impacts of litter on their communities and the environment. Serving as both a cautionary and an inspirational force, Keep America Beautiful urges people to notice the often-overlooked litter in their surroundings and equip them with strategies to prevent and address it. By fostering an informed and conscious citizenry, Keep America Beautiful encourages a proactive stance on environmental stewardship.

Engagement Opportunities for Local Environmentalists

For those local environmentalists who yearn to be part of the change, Keep America Beautiful provides numerous engagement paths, each a springboard for personal and community transformation.

Volunteer Programs – Your Hands, Their Impact

Joining a Keep America Beautiful volunteer program is much more than lending a hand; it’s about being a part of a larger, unified force, ensuring the collective efforts are always greater than the sum of the parts. As a part of our support for Keep America Beautiful, we will be organizing our own volunteer event in which many of our employees and supporters can participate. This event is still in planning, so be sure to keep an eye out for when that will be happening.

Fundraising Events – Fueling the Green Engine

Participating in fundraising activities not only supports Keep America Beautiful’s operations but also conveys a message of financial commitment that echoes the value placed on environmental endeavors. This past year, Artesian took a portion of our installation fees and put them into a pool with our sister company and our billing partner, allowing us to donate more than $23,000 to Keep America Beautiful. But you don’t have to wait to donate! If you’d like to support the cause on your own, Keep America Beautiful also has that option for you!

young woman with garbage bag cleaning environment

Sustaining the Momentum

As we’ve already mentioned, Artesian Bottleless Water will be organizing our own volunteer cleanup event with Keep America Beautiful, slated for sometime later this spring. Our hope is that by participating in such an event, we can help encourage others to do the same! As a Bottleless Nation partner, our goal is to not only reduce plastic waste and consumption for businesses across the United States but also to encourage people to clean up waste whenever they see it. It doesn’t take much effort, and if we commit to cleaning up our planet together, we can make a big difference!
Stay tuned for more volunteer event information from Artesian Bottleless Water and Keep America Beautiful.